GeoLabel is an Android app created for anyone who needs to be able to add location data and notes to images as they take them. Designed for people doing site surveys, this simple yet powerful app is also useful for geocaching, rights of way maintenance and any other kind of outdoor work.

Geolabel survey settings screenshot.

Images are organised into Surveys , each one of which can contain as many images as you need. Each survey can have its own set of data that it adds to images when they are taken, which can include: Survey name, Date and time, Coordinates, Altitude, Azimuth and Compass Direction as well as whatever notes you choose to add. The accuracy of location data depends on your device. Co-ordinates can be stored as Latitude/Longitude or Ordnance Survey Eastings/Northings – if you have a different co-ordinate system you would like us to add, contact us!

GeoLabel is free to use with no advertising but limited to a maximum of five surveys ( there is no limit to how many images can be in a survey ) and images are watermarked. There is a very inexpensive upgrade that allows you to create unlimited surveys and removes the watermark, if you find the app useful please consider paying for this upgrade.

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