GeoLabel Privacy Statement

What Information We Collect

GeoLabel uses the Camera and Location facilities of your mobile phone to create labelled images. We do not automatically upload these images or the associated location data to any external service. All the relevant data remains solely on the device that created it.

Payment is handled by Google Play Services and all related data is handled by them,  in accordance with their terms and conditions.

In the case of an application failure we may choose to retrieve details of the failure. ay include information such as your devices’s Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, device name,operating system version, configuration of the app, the time and date of your use of GeoLabel, and other statistics required to troubleshoot the problem.

How is this information used?

Any failure data will only be used for the purposes of resolving the problem that you encountered in the hope of being able to prevent it happening in later releases, both for you and other users.